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Eurocafe - The Eurovision living room

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Eurocafe - The Eurovision living room Empty Eurocafe - The Eurovision living room

Poalji od StefanSavic Sre Maj 07, 2008 2:59 pm

We invite you to join us in the Eurovision Living Room from 9 till 27 of May.
Eurocafe' - the Eurovision Living Room is a special place, open to everybody, where you can meet fans from all over the world, take part in a quiz, sing to eurovision karaoke, surf the net or write an article, have a coffee or a lunch in the beautiful balcony with a view on the city core center, dance until late hours, enjoy live eurovision gigs, watch videos from past and this year's contest, have a chit chat, fall in love, relax at the wellness spa center, admire beautiful eurovision decoration and do many other things we haven't mentioned....

So come to the place prepared for the fans by the fans!

See you there.. very soon :-)))

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: Kragujevac
Datum upisa : 10.03.2008


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Eurocafe - The Eurovision living room Empty Re: Eurocafe - The Eurovision living room

Poalji od zetor Ned Maj 25, 2008 1:36 pm

Классное выступление на евро 2008, извините не знаю куда писать это, очень плохо понимаю ваш язык! Большое Вам Спасибо за вашу песню! Very Happy

Pochetnik Fan Foruma
Pochetnik Fan Foruma

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Datum upisa : 25.05.2008

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